English Grammar Check™ is an advanced grammar checking software which uses our internet grammar-checking server in order to perform grammar checking. It can check the grammar in any English document to a level unseen in any other grammar checking application on the market.

Feature Set

  • Ability to suggest the correct usage of English articles (the, a, an), prepositions (of, on, at, in, by, ...), noun phrases, nouns, adjectives, verb phrases, verbs and adverbs.
  • Ability to suggest improvements regarding clarity, conciseness, consistency, disjoint ideas, abrupt transitions in the text and missing information.
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of your own alternative words and phrases.
  • Finds misspelt words because of its auto-correction feature.
  • Provides word choices, phrase choices, relevant feedback, and grammar explanations.
  • Uses our internet grammar-checking server in order to perform grammar checking.
  • Uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms in order to analyse every noun phrase and verb phrase in a sentence.
  • English Grammar Check™ runs on: Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/NT/98 and MacOS.
  • Supported language module: English
  • price: US$ 49

Guaranteed data privacy and confidentiality

Our on-line grammar checking server does not store any data because it processes data only in real-time. It never saves any data on the hard disk. Therefore, your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Latest News

August 29, 2008

The most recent version of our English Grammar Check™ software (fully functional demo version) is now available in our download section. Click here for download page…

August 08, 2008

We are currently working on the implementation of several advanced features required by our users. We will also have a demo version available for download in three weeks.

July 23, 2008

The complete redesign of our website is now completed, and it is now up and running again. We hope that you like the new look and feel.